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STUDIO BYCOLORは、新たな素材の特性や魅力を伝えるため、自然界の様々な美しい形からヒントを得て木の葉をモチーフとしたマテリアルテーブルをデザインいたしました。偏光パールや光輝材効果を最大限に魅せるため面の作り方に配慮した形状だけでなく、片方は微細な葉脈、反対側はピアノフィニッシュにすることで絞のあり無しによる変化も表現したオリジナルの金型製作のための基本データを作製。縁を薄く成型することで、ポリカーボネート樹脂の高い透明性により、色のグラデーションを見せる美しい表現としました。
自動車外装で使用することで塗装工程を省きCO2削減に大きく貢献すること、またウエアラブル機器など人や動物に接する用途では金属や塗装が出来ない場合でもプロダクトデザインとしてより魅力的な表現を可能とします。KONOHAを通して世界中の様々なジャンルの製品開発の幅が拡がって行くことを願っています。 KONOHAはCMF TOKYO 2017-SENSEをきっかけに生まれたアイテムです。2018年にDFAアジアデザイン賞を受賞いたしました。


German Design Award(ドイツ)

Completed design development of polycarbonate resin original clothing with unique polarized light, lamella etc unlike the world by original technology. Originally the polycarbonate resin had less metallic color setting. The metallic and pearl of high brightness material were added to the material color which was independently formulated this time, so it was possible to express high design like a grade of high painting. However, the characteristics and attractiveness of the new material are hard to convey, and the power of design was sought there as a means of transmission.
In order to make the sample feel attractive, I searched for shapes and colors that I felt wanted in my hands. I got inspiration from various beautiful shapes in the natural world and used tree leaves as a motif. Make original mold. In order to maximize attraction of polarized pearls and glitter material effect, consideration was given to how to make a surface. One side expresses a fine leaf vein, the other side expresses a change due to piano finish and nothing. By molding thin edges, due to the high transparency of the polycarbonate resin, it became a beautiful expression that showed color gradation.
Patent applied. It is making the feeling of this material feasible in a wide range of genres such as greatly reducing co 2 by using in automobile exterior and using it for people and animals of wearable equipment. It's all because ’KONOHA’. ‘KONOHA’ unveiled at CMF TOKYO 2017-SENSE. And Won DFA AWARD 2018.
Rediscover its beauty with this "KIRIURUSHI", as if you perceive it through fog.

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation

Special Thanks: CMF TOKYO 2017-SENSE.

Package Production:福永紙工株式会社